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Bathrooms - Effect Magazine

15 incredible bathrooms by top interior designers

Of all the rooms, the bathroom has been on the greatest journey. For thousands of years and in nearly every culture, bathing was a communal affair. Roman baths, Turkish hammams, Japanese onsens: they were all places where the community would get together, socialise, cleanse and recharge.

The bathroom’s move into our homes has been a gradual affair, and a comparatively recent one. Well into the 20th century, outdoor loos were common. People washed with a jug of water at a washstand in the bedroom – supplemented by occasional visits to the public bath house.

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Since then, the bathroom has transformed itself from communal temple to inner sanctum to such an extent that one of cinema’s most iconic and disturbing scenes – the shower murder in Hitchcock’s Psycho – is seared into our consciousness because it violates, shockingly, the sanctity of the room where we are at our most unmasked and vulnerable.

In the 21st century, we crave the sense of refuge engendered by the bathroom more than ever. With our attention now assaulted by the frenetic and hyper-connected nature of contemporary life, that deep need for a place of calm and privacy is primal.

The bathrooms below have been created by some of the finest interior designers working anywhere in the world today, and if there’s a common thread between them, it’s that they all reflect that need with an escapist, indulgent, zen-like calm. Like mini-spas, they complete the circle of the bathroom’s heritage: the marble of their Roman forbearers or the natural stone of hot springs. And if nature is celebrated, so is decadence: notes of Deco glamour, as if these hushed, sacred spaces are extolling us to reach for heightened senses and to live our best lives.

Bryan O’Sullivan Studio : Paris Townhouse

A bathroom interior designed by Bryan O'Sullivan in Effect Magazine
Marble is a signature material of Bryan O’Sullivan’s kitchens and bathrooms, as in this townhouse in Paris (Photo: James McDonald)

Corey Damon Jenkins : American Bathroom

Corey Damon Jenkins is famous for his mixing of classicism and modernity, and for his colour alchemy, as with this avocado bathroom – a playful nod to the 1970s (photos: DXV / George Ross)

Alidad : Black and White Bathroom

Alidad creates interiors with sumptuous traditionality and intricate attention to detail and materials

Maddux Creative : Notting Hill Townhouse

Art deco-inspired bathroom with Maddux’s signature blend of elegance and edge (photo: Andreas von Einsiedel)

Mimi Shodeinde : Cape Coast, Ghana

Incredible Bathrooms in Effect Magazine
Mimi Shodeinde creates both drama and calm, using scale and natural materials, especially stone

Ultima : Residence, Sud Resort, Ultima Courchevel Belvédère

Ultima specialise in ultra-high-end rental properties, such as this residence in Courchevel

NFJ : Kisawa Sanctuary, Mozambique

Local materials and biophilic notes abound in this bathroom at Kisawa Sanctuary, Benguerra Island, Mozambique

Jean-Michel Gathy/Denniston Architects : Aman New York

An Asian-influenced bathroom in Aman NY

Dorothée Meilichzon : Henrietta Hotel

Incredible bathrooms in Effect Magazine – Dorothée Meilichzon
Dorothée Meilichzon creates cinematic, playful interiors with Deco notes

Albion Nord : Primrose Hill House

Sophisticated, switched-on luxury: Albion Nord mix historical accents and contemporary functionality

SH Hotels & Resorts : 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge, New York

New York City makes a dramatic backdrop to this bathroom in 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge, an eco-friendly hotel with reclaimed materials operating on wind power

Reymond Langton Design : Artefact Superyacht

Superyacht interior design: a stunning bathroom on board Artefact (photo: Francisco Martinez)

Creative Space Studio : Batoka Zambezi Sands River Lodge

A luxurious eco-friendly getaway in Zimbabwe: the Batoka Zambezi Sands River Lodge

Katharine Pooley : Notting Hill House

An oasis of calm: One of several stunning bathrooms in the Katharine Pooley-designed townhouse in Notting Hill, London

Julie Hillman : Upper East Side Townhouse

Julie Hillman makes extensive use of marble, as in this Upper East Side townhouse (Photo: Manolo Yllera)

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