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See inside 4 private jets with the most advanced interior design

In their earliest incarnation, private jets were primarily functional vessels for business travel. Their interiors were often an afterthought and outfitted with unimaginative décor hindered by the industry’s strict regulations. Over time, materials and layouts have become increasingly innovative, giving designers more and more creative freedom. Now, it’s not uncommon to find an owner’s plane decorated as beautifully as their home – or indeed the suite of a five-star hotel. On some, you can even find features such as a bookcase with a secret door, intricate marble ceramic flooring, and even bespoke hand-painted artworks.

From the classic ‘flying gentleman’s club’ to the planes redefining sky-high elegance, we look at some of the world’s best private jet design projects and meet the designers behind them.

Challenger 606: Martin Kemp Design

Martin Kemp Design are known for creating timeless and refined private jet interiors, as with their Challenger 606 private plane
Martin Kemp Design are known for creating timeless and refined private jet interiors, as with their Challenger 606 private plane (Photo: Martin Kemp Design)

Not to be confused with the actor of the same name, Martin Kemp is the founder of eponymous London-based design studio Martin Kemp Design, which specialises in high-end design and interiors projects for land, sea and air.

One of the aviation department’s latest success stories is this Challenger 606, which the studio declares “one of the most refined private planes in the air”. It was redesigned with a timelessly elegant colour palette of greys and neutrals, with quality leather furnishings. No detail remains untouched, from the specially commissioned cushions to the buckles on the seats.

“Often, there is a limited brief,” Kemp says. “Our clients see their plane as an opportunity to play a little more adventurously than perhaps they would with their home.”

Kemp suggests that the trick to good private jet interior design is balancing timelessness with creativity. “Our plane interiors are reasonably long-lived in style terms, so we always endeavour to restrain ideas. That said, I do like to weave a little reference to travel into each plane, this can be as discreet as a stitched logo or pattern into table linen, or it can be embellishment in the cabin lining,” he says. “In a recent plane project, the team were able to enhance leather with icons from around the world; for another project, a simple and timeless approach was all that was required. In each case, our attention to detail stands out.”

Boeing 787-800: Massari Design

A Boeing 787-800 was transformed by Italian studio Massari Design into a luxurious private aircraft with an exceptional sense of space (Photo: Massari Design)

When Italian studio Massari Design was asked to transform a commercial Boeing 787-800 into a luxurious private jet, it leapt at the opportunity. With a lot of space to play with, designers were able to create an interior that looks more like the presidential suite of a five-star hotel than an aircraft cabin.

The design team tackled every single detail in order to create a unique interior from the first step on board of this wide body aircraft.

Alessandro Massari, CEO Principal,Massari Design

“The design brief was focused on creating a luxurious environment recreating a high-end contemporary hospitality experience thorough the usage of exclusive finishes and materials without compromising the comfort,” says CEO Principal Alessandro Massari. “The design team then tackled every single detail in order to create a unique interior from the first step on board of this wide body aircraft.”

Guests board the plane into an elegant entranceway, stepping onto a marble floor inlaid with a medallion mosaic and surrounded by gold columns. A sliding door opens to the main lounge which is lined by luxurious cream sofas facing inwards on three both sides. An elegant dining room lies beyond the living space, subtly separated with a divider that’s embedded with a double-face TV.

Luxurious embellishments elevate the furnishings throughout, with designers making use of quality leather, carved woods, soft fabrics and metallic finishes. The result is virtually unrecognisable from the original.

As designers such as these continue to push the limits of private jet design, one can only hope that some inspiration will trickle down to commercial airlines so they too can transform cabins into enjoyable spaces for all.

Global 5000: Winch Design

Winch transformed a Bombardier Global 5000 with striking hand-painted artwork incorporated into the aircraft’s interior design (Photo: Winch Design)

When British design studio Winch Design was commissioned to refurbish a 10-year-old business jet, it transformed a dated Bombardier Global 5000 cabin into a characterful lounge that would look right at home in the pages of a leading interior design magazine.

The concept was built around a bold, abstract artwork that covers the entire aft bulkhead and draw’s one’s eye to the far side of the owner’s lounge. A London-based artist, commissioned by art consultancy Artelier, painted the colourful work directly onto the bulkhead before it was transferred onto the plane.

“The owner wanted a complete refurbishment which was modern, vibrant and reflected a sense of character,” Atelier reveals. “Our curators worked closely with the artist to reimagine his technique and style in entirely air-certified materials. The artist’s abstract work is a masterclass in balancing bright, contrasting colours, weaving together dashes of vivid hues.”

Throughout the rest of the cabin, designers drew on colours from the artwork and added finished and textures inspired by the piece, including a custom tufted carpet, embossed stitched leather bulkheads and re-upholstered leather seats. The result is a contemporary haven that’s unlike any other aircraft cabin in the sky.

Atlas: Winch Design

An Atlas jet with interior design by Winch Design. The designers created a book-lined cabin, creating the feel of a private members' club in the sky
An Atlas jet with interior design by Winch Design. The designers created a book-lined cabin, creating the feel of a private members’ club in the sky. The shelves conceal the entrance to the master suite (Photo: Mark Nicholson)

Another standout refurbishment from Winch Design can be found on this Atlas jet, dubbed a ‘flying gentleman’s club’. The traditional library-inspired cabin features classic elements including wooden bookshelves filled with leather-bound books and quality leather seating.

“The design took inspiration from the luxury of a timeless, English Gentleman’s Club,” Winch designers reveal. “In order to emulate this setting, we took ideas from classic hotel smoking rooms and looked to iconic traditional British brands for further inspiration. We worked hard to achieve the same feel and ambience as sitting in your own living room or favourite members’ club.”

The cabin of the Atlas jet interior designed by Winch Design (Photo: Mark Nicholson)

Boarding the plane, your eye is immediately drawn to the end of the lounge to the bookcase, which encases a hidden entrance to the master suite. Here, the masculine ambience is elevated through leather floor panelling and strong architecture details. Both here and in the main lounge, it’s easy to imagine whiling away a flight with a book and a whisky in hand.

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